Trade Show Exhibit Tips – Displaying Products

Displaying the products your company makes at a tradeshow is a great way to show off your recent efforts and get some feedback from attendees. However, showing off your new products in this type of environment presents a lot of different questions you’ll want to think about ahead of time. Will you be doing a live product presentation? Is there a prerecorded video component? Will attendees have hands-on time with your products? Will this require supervision? How will your products be positioned in your display? Will they sit on the floor, on a table, or on shelving? How big are they? Do they require a power source to operate? It can be a great idea to let the audience try out your products in person, but as you can see, there are lots of moving parts in the presentation puzzle, and you’ll want to review these to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Review these pointers if you’re planning on displaying your products at an upcoming presentation – Even if you’ve been exhaustive in your presentation, there might be something here you hadn’t thought of!

trade show exhibit

Live Product Demonstrations Are King

Live product demonstrations are one of the best way to engage prospective clients. A good one will stop people from aimlessly moving from trade show booth to trade show booth and stop at yours to get more information. If your demo is particularly good, you might even get some additional exposure in a trade show publication, either in print or on the web. When designing trade show exhibits, keep your product demonstration in mind. You’ll need to think of whether or not you have enough counter space, video components, and more and factor these into the equation when designing your exhibit.

Don’t Present Too Much At Once

If you’re showing off too much, your audience can easily get distracted or overwhelmed. Keep their attention on some core examples of your product by focusing your efforts on just a few items. You’ll want to keep this in mind when designing your trade show booth. You’ll need enough open space for your product to be displayed, stored, and demonstrated, and potentially enough room for your audience to come check it out themselves. Don’t leave it at just that though – ensure your trade show booth has space for everything you’ll need beyond a demonstration, like a space for a signup kiosk, or even a shelve to store your laptop to jot down notes.

Keep Product Size In Mind

Are your products very large? Having something really big in your exhibit can be impressive, but this will quickly wear off if the audience doesn’t know why it’s part of the exhibit. Make sure you have plenty of signage that grabs attention and quickly explains why a larger item is there. If your products are tiny, you’ll need to go the opposite route. Support your demonstrations by including enlarged photographs of smaller products as parts of your tradeshow display. You could even include video displays that show close-ups of your product.

Make Sure Everything Is Well Lit

Just like a stage in a theater, your trade show exhibit will host a performance of sorts, and you should make it’s lighted accordingly! Don’t rely on the lighting in the venue, you’ll want to ensure your exhibit is properly lit regardless of external circumstances. Spending some extra money on lighting will go a long way, and it can emphasize your display and products in a great way if you go the extra mile.