Top Blogs and Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow Right Now

For most entrepreneurs, staying on top of the game is a way to improve ourselves in our business and every aspect of our life. While reading newspapers and magazines aren’t always readily accessible, blogs and podcasts provide a great source that you can read or listen to anywhere. These sources range in diversity as we hope you will find some that fit your interests.

From e-commerce to professional services, whatever your niche may be – we’ve got the best blogs and podcasts that will help you embrace your passion in entrepreneurship and tips on how you can boost business. While a variety of options, we’ve saved you the hassle by listing all the best resources that will guide you through building a great business.

Check out these top blogs and podcasts every entrepreneur should follow.


Smart Passive Income

This site was influenced after writer, Pat Flynn, was forced to take Plan B of his career. Today, we run podcasts and blogs that help entrepreneurs learn how they can reach success and establish a decent income. Here you will find useful tips, advice, and even case studies that will help you bring new ideas. Flynn will go beyond describing new methods of business management and cover tips and articles for your business.

Business Unplugged

Carol Roth’s blog features useful business advice readers that range from freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners and more. What makes this blog so great is that it provides no-nonsense productivity advice on entrepreneurship as well as tricks in marketing, financial tips, and more.


WorkAwesome is for readers in entrepreneurship and love with they do. The blog helps readers find ways on how to improve your business through work habits, management, productivity, and more. You will find useful content that helps improve efficiency with tons of useful content.


Entrepreneur on Fire – EOF

Duration: 20 minutes.

This podcast is an award-winning podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs. John Lee Dumas talks with the most inspiring entrepreneurs today as each episode involves a successful entrepreneur who shares their moments and lessons they have learned along the way.

The New Business Podcast

Duration: 30 minutes.

Looking for tips and advice from one of the best in entrepreneurship? Chris Ducker will teach you everything you need to know about building a profitable business within your own brand. From start to finish, you will learn the right way to create and launch your products and services online, how to market yourself as the authority in the industry and everything else in between. This podcast is great for all types of listeners from coaches, authors, bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and more.

Being Boss

Duration: 25 minutes

Being Boss speaks for itself. It is dedicated to creative entrepreneurs who are looking to be their own boss and rule the industry. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson will provide awesome stories, interviews, helpful advice, and how you can be your own boss in your work and life.

Got any blogs or podcasts that you would like to recommend? Comment below and share your recommendations with us!